De Chazal Du Mée (DCDM) is one of the largest independent regional organization of chartered accountants and business consultants in sub- Saharan Africa, with offices in Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Seychelles and Botswana. DCDM also has correspondent offices in many other countries of Africa.

All these firms were started and nurtured by the DCDM group, which operated as a single entity across all service lines and geographical locations from 1952. In response to the changed regulatory frameworks and growing client needs DCDM was organized along service lines, with each business unit partnering with global leaders in their respective domain.

Today each of these business units are autonomous and partner with wellknown global players to provide services of outstanding quality to a large and diversified clientele across Africa. The more than fifty years of proud history of working with leading large, medium and small organisations in Africa taught us one thing: clients appreciate the ease of dealing with one team of professionals, as long as they can bring to the table the most appropriate solutions to their problems.

Apart from a common DCDM heritage, the quality that binds these business units together is their passion for service excellence. DCDM entities differentiate themselves by recruiting and retaining the best talent, who are intensively and continuously trained on cutting-edge methodologies, provided exposure of working in several countries across Africa and given access to international best practices and knowledge bases.

DCDM is a single point of contact for people seeking solutions for businesses in Africa. The organisation comprises of a pool of 1,000-strong highly qualified and dedicated personnel most of who are bilingual, a quality which allows them to work smoothly and effectively in both Francophone and Anglophone countries in Africa and beyond.