History of DCDM Trusted business advisors since 1952

De Chazal Du Mée (DCDM) started in 1952. It was the first audit and tax practice of Mauritius and through stupendous expansion and transformation, it has become today one of Africa’s leading professional services organisations.

DCDM decided to set up their physical presence in Africa in the 1990s by opening offices in several sub-Saharan African countries namely Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Seychelles, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda and Botswana. DCDM also set up correspondent offices in many other countries such as Comoros, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Burundi and Chad.

DCDM diversified from being a pure Audit, Tax and Financial Advisory practice to providing IT Consultancy, Marketing Research, HR & Recruitment Consultancy and Economic Consultancy to offer complete solutions to its clients. This also means that there is now a more diversified skill set working at DCDM which included economists, sociologists, statisticians, financial analysts etc;. apart from accountants.

In the early 90s methodologies and best practices were captured in knowledge bases and great leaps in infrastructure and technology were made to keep all the offices connected with their clients and each other. DCDM also recruited and nurtured a team of sector/industry experts, who work with the competency and country experts in a matrix format thereby delivering meaningful sector-specific advice to clients. DCDM started a significant Business Process Outsourcing service line that serves clients from various countries in Africa, Europe, UK and the US.

The pace of growth had to be supported by recruiting the very best talent and ensuring that they were in a state of readiness to provide excellent advice to the clients of DCDM. This was supported by setting up a training centre that became a full-fledged business school in the 90s DCDM today has committed itself to the African region by employing and developing high quality local and regional resources, who are given opportunities to work with the best international experts present in or associated with the DCDM Organisation.

DCDM team members are known for their exceptional educational background, fluency in French and English, keen business sense developed through relevant experience, knowledge of the practical applications of world-class methodologies and more importantly, for their patience, listening skills and winning attitude. DCDM has worked in over 45 countries, most of which are in Africa.