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DCDM Economic & Management Consultants

DCDM E&M and its sister organisation in Africa DCDM Advisory services Ltd focus on high value economic and management consulting involving multidisciplinary teams. They use project teams comprising consultants from the DCDM organisation and an extensive alliance of international sector experts.

DCDM E&M has a robust track record and high profile credentials in the following areas:

  • Public sector reforms and privatisation
  • Organisational restructuring and long term corporate plan development
  • Economic and social development
  • Complex market and multi-sector analyses based on economic and financial modelling

All DCDM E&M projects use a broad range of expertise (in-house staff and external) to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to clients’ problems. Its project directors have extensive experience in managing large scale projects and programmes for Government, and large profit and non-profit making institutions.